song of the moment- "cry for you"-jodeci

i hate when my mind is clustered w/ a lot of different thoughts. my mind feels like 5:00 traffic on 290, it's just at a complete stand still. one of my current thoughts is him. i hate when he's going through a lot of things and it's beyond my control and i can't help. i've never really cared about someones feelings the way i care about his. seeing him stress causes me to stress too. at the end of the day knowing i put a smile on his face makes me the happiest person in the world. hmm onto other news. so i'll be moving no later than august and it's a little scarey bc i'll really be on my own. i've always waited for this day to come but i guess i didn't think it would come this soon. its time to really grow up and put the things i've learned in the past 18yrs to use. time to get on my hustle and get it. i know a lot of people don't agree with the decision i'm making and are waiting for my downfall and probally counting down on their calenders the day that i come running back home. i REFUSE to let people determine the outcome of my story and i'm determined to prove everyone wrong. at the end of the day no matter what people think or how they may feel about the choices i decide to make with my life all that matters is MY HAPPINESS.

i think kim and reggie make a very cute couple..idk if they're cuter than B and Jay but they look nice

hmm well i'm done writing for now. i think i'm about to go lay down and eat a peach or something lol.


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