Life is too short

Man, Jennifer Hudsons mom and brother were found shot dead in her moms Chicago home. Even though I obviously don't know J.Hud personally its still a sad story to hear. The saying "life is too short" is one of the truest sayings I know. Keep your love ones close and tell them you love them every chance you get regardless of how good or bad the relationship is.

Anywhooooo I sent my mom an IM on a happy note and she IMs me back telling me she needs me to send her laptop back and I can have it when she graduates in Dec. WTF?!?! Does she not know that I need this laptop more than anything. I HATE going to the library...it's like a mini club. You get no kind of work done in there PLUS its about to get cold annnnnnd start snowing. I don't want to travel back and forth to the library NO MA'AM! Saw 5 came out today and even though I haven't seen 1-4 I want to see this one. Well its time to be lazy and watch t.v. 

by the waaay facebook CAN and WILL get you caught up. You can find a lot of stuff on facebook. People be a lot smarter.


J M said...

yeah man I've been hearing this story surface everywhere. shes been doing her thing too man. that really sucks.

le said...

its a sad story to hear =[

supreme. said...

lmfao @ how nosy facebook is.
they tell you EVERYTHING on the home page, it's not even funny.
& it's real sad about what happened to jennifer hudson's mom & brother.