loosing control.

"Shit really hit the fan" -Chels 

Maaan what a night what a night what a night. I swear today has got to be the day that I've lost all the energy thats ever been in my body. Man tonight was probally the worst night ever. I really stepped out of my character and lost my cool for all the wrong reasons.  I can say I was wrong for the immature actions I did but I will NOT apologize for fighting for whats mine and what I've worked so hard to keep and make work (excuse my french but...) FUCK THAT! All I can say is love will make you do some crazy things. My roommate gets the best roommate award. I can't say thank you enough for what she did tonight. She  stayed up w/ a smile on her face even though she has to wake up extra early in the morning for class (she's not a morning person). Right now I'm mad but I've calm down A LOOOT. I'mma just keep calming down and try to fall alseep. I do have a midterm tomorrow at 1:20.  Hopefully this little "talk" tomorrow makes the situation a hell of a lot better and someone is met halfway. 

ughhhh and I'm phoneless!


miss feedmekicks* said...

i feel a little lost with the no-details intended post, BUTTTTT i hope your mid-term went/goes well.

and i also hope everyting else goes well too.
you seem stressed.

here, have a hug.

-hugs you-

le said...

awww thanks for the hug =]

lol it's too many details and blogspot is not the place to drop them..

J M said...

aye at least you didn't do something that you'd probably regret thats good that you realized you did wrong le le.

don't stress!!!!

Lorenzo. said...


Man :(

Come here, i'll make you feel better.

I've been going through a similar situation in a way, so you can lean on me.
I say that with as little cliche as possible.
Don't be a stranger.