wkend round up

this may not make sense bc I'm just rambling

Lets get a quick summary of the weekend. Homcoming weekend was cool. Friday night was the pepralley/comedy show. Gary (the white guy who hosted Comic View), D-Ray, Cool-Aid, and some other guy were the comics for the night. D-Ray and Gary were sooooo funny. That was the first time I laughed the entire time during a comedy show. Saturday morning was the tailgate/game. All I can say is it is not a good idea to drink early on in the day lol. We didn't stay for the whole game though we left during half time.We didn't miss anything special...our sorry ass school won. Later that night was the stepshow..maan it was live as hell. From the steps, strolls, arguments, and just ppl having fun. The after party was a diff story. It was hot as all hell and just too many ppl. Fats missed the stepshow but came down for the afterparty and couldn't even get in bc they reached the capacity...soooo since Fats couldn't get in me and Ashley ended up leaving and Fats spent the night ...ooomg midnight Mc.Donalds is the best! Didn't fall asleep till damn near 4 a.m...bros before hoes..right Fats lol???  Hmm Sunday was just a chill/relax day. Nothing exciting happened. It's now 12:30 and I think I'm about to call it a night. Less hurry up and come home!

I'll post vids and pics later on when I have the energy


Mr.Mambia said...

I've been to like 2 steps shows in my entire life.

le said...

your cool

J M said...

have fun at homecoming, you're lucky my school isn't a tradiational college. so we don't have pep ralyls homecoming and what not! but have fun Le Le

supreme. said...

we're having a comedy show tomorrow night, 'bruh man' is performing.

le said...

no homecomin?!?

lol @ bruh man