10:21 venting

Today was very interesting for the simple fact it snowed. It wasn't a lot of snow but it was enough to catch my attention (I've never seen snow before). I can't wait for the heavy snow so I can make snow men, snow angels, and have snowball fights lol. So much has been going on lately that it's hard to focus on one thing and one thing alone. I've came to the conclusion that I'm taking next semester off and I'll pick school up again fall 09. My mom is moving to Ohio in Dec so bye bye Houston. Idk if I wanna stay in the D or go back to Oakland or say fuck it and move to Ohio w/ my mom. A part of me loves the feeling of being away from home and being on my own. At the same time I miss the feeling of just not having to worry about stuff. I have so much to think about and consider in such little time. Things w/ "us" are getting better. I like the way we are right now. It reminds me of how we use to be and how much better our relationship can/will be. I love you bae and hopefully you'll never forget that. Well I'm about to get under the covers bc it's cold as idk what and I'm not use to being cold like this.


supreme. said...

i miss the jersey snow, for real. =/

Beezy said...

we are in the same tree~ kinda.

i considered taking next semester off..

for different reasons.

school will always be there.
live it up.

le said...

i wanna go to jersey shore

thats the saaaame thing i say about school @ the last line

miss feedmekicks* said...

well i've never been out of nebraska.

that sucks.

but anyway, i hope you make the right choices, hun.

PS: i HATEEEE snow.

it's going to snow here soon, but it's already been cold as fuckkkk

Cassie_NERD said...

Its Cassie!
thought it was yu!
goodluck w/ schhool
You have a new bf?

le said...

lol @ nebraska..i wanna go there just bc it sounds boring..thankkkksssss i'll try to

no it's not no one new its still Tone

J M said...

in a weird way its kind of a love hat thing with the snow. I like it but I don't. I don't like the cold, too used to the heat you know. but aye I'm cookin some more fish tomorrow.

Excuse My Woman Powers said...

thanx for the comment. I live in ohio is not to bad but we did have like 2 foot last year, the great thing is work is cxlld and we still get paid..cha ching!..lol