"I got these jones forming in my bones (from a man)
who indeed took over my soul, (understand)
I couldn't breathe if he ever said (he would leave),
get on my knees till they bloody red, (baby please)
see I don't know if you get it yet, (just don't know)
He's like the lighter to my cigarette,
(watch me smoke), I never knew another human life
can have the power to take over mine."

Last night I went shopping and I think I went over my limit. It was worth it though seeing that my wardrobe isn't fit for winter...wait pause it wasn't worth it bc I really didn't buy shit. Man I saw the knee high timbs yesterday and I have to have them. I think I'm about to start a paypal account so I can get donations lol. Today I'm going to go set up an appointment w/ the head of Residential crap and see what my options are so I don't get kicked out during ThanksGiving break. I started the "pill" yesterday so my . can be regular and to help my crappy cyst become smaller. Ugh I miss you even though I'm not suppose to =/. Time to get ready for class...I want some chicken stirfry.


J M said...

uh oh you better not had overdrafted!!!!!!! overdrafting is the devil. Aww man, I hope everything is ok with you.

miss feedmekicks* said...

i hope everything is good.

seems like it is because you are shopping your brains outttt.

prolly look cute =]

Anonymous said...

shopping is fun...until you go past that limit. smh. but hopefully things work out for you, hun.

le said...

thanks everybody =]