Yes We CAN & Yes We DID

Right now I am happy to be an American Citizen. We made history last night and our voices were heard. Barack Obama is the 44th President. Finally America will reiceve the change that is very much needed. For once there is someone in the White House that I can relate to, that can relate to me. He just seems so down to earth and humble and approachable. America has came a long way and Obama has shown me that ANYTHING is possible.


Mars said...

I feeeellll you.

And I swear those are two of the cutest little girls.

J M said...

and he's real. When he reached out to the ones who didn't even vote for him.

le said...

umm i think the youngest one is the cutest =/

thats why he got my vote
OBAMA 08-12

miss feedmekicks* said...