Eric brought to my attention that I haven't blogged in a min so I decided to do a quick update. For the past wk I've been feeling real ugh...Today it really got bad and I think I'm going to take a trip to the ER this wkend if it gets any worse. My mommy was in town for a few days and so today we spent sometime together before her flight left . We went shopping (got me some boots and a jacket) and went to RedLobster with a few people we knew. I kinda miss my family *sad face*. The move out date for winterbreak is the 19th.. I'm gonna miss my roommate even though she can work my nerves at times.. Its offical I'm not going to school next semester. I'm taking a well needed break for myself and hopefully I'll pick things up next fall. I've been looking for a job (yes I've stop being lazy) and out of all the places I applied at I hope the one at Nordstroms falls through. This is random but why in the hell is Beyonce singing At Last? I know she's playing Etta James but damn why couldn't she lip it or something. I mean Jamie lipped half if not most of Ray. Before I end this blog I wanted to take the time out and dedicate this section to two indiviuals. I'm not gonna post your names but I will say this...I know you guys come to my blog daily to try and figure out whats really going on w/ me and my relationship...but let me make this clear.. this is the LAST place you'll find out any information like that. You two are better off gossiping with each other like you've been doing and coming up with your own conclusions on whats going. After reading that I'm pretty sure you two know that was directly directed towards you guys =]. Damn I can't even vent without there being some mess smh. Anywhoooo to everyone else have a goodnight and stay warm in this weather bc I'm sure trying to.