Last post of 08

For the past couple of years these years have flown by... 2008 was no exception... it seems like it was just yesterday when we were counting down saying goodbye to 2007 and hello to 2008. By far 2008 was the year that has taught me a lot about life. I've had a lot of highs and A LOT of lows but all in all each situation taught me a valuable lesson. Wooo I've came across a lot of amazing people and watched a lot of people walk out of my life. I've learned the value of a true friendship and how "true" friends are hard to come by. I refuse to turn 2009 into a negative year. Anything/person that isn't beneficial or positive won't be around for long. This is the year of prosperity and growth. There isn't any room for half stepping..I have to stay focused and keep my head up no matter what..I can't afford to fall. Through all of this I'll become a stronger person. All I can do is look at my mistakes from 2008 keep going and keep God first.

Someone told me to make some new years resolutions and try to stick w/ them so here they are
1.Keep God first
2.Keep a job (a good one at that)
3.Loose some of this thickness
4.Stay positive no matter what
5.Be a better daughter, sister, and friend
6.Stay focused and do a hell of a lot better in school
7.Focus on ME and take time out for myself
8.Impact at least ONE persons life
9. Not to stress so much
hmm thats pretty much all I can think of at the moment

Tomorrow night should be live as hell. Whitney is coming down from Austin yaaaaaay. After tomorrow night I'm gonna be easy on the club scene for a while so its a must that I make tomorrow one hell of a night.Wellll be safe everyone and have a lot of fun!


mars ™ said...

That list sounds pretty good.

le said...

gracias hun

somethingnew said...

i feel you 100%.

J M said...

I feel you on that one 100%. that "true" friends thing is true lol. I wrote a blog about being a true and all that jazz and how you think they're there for you when it turns into one big lie.

but thats whats up though happy new year Le Le

A.R. said...

this is some good stuff, guhl.

A.R. said...

nah, he sure didn't come, but thanks for being concern, bookie.

A.R. said...


Lizzy said...

I think those resolutions can be obtained, concentrate on yourself because that's the most important thing.

You gotta feel good first before you can venture out into the world.

Hope you had a good new year (:

le said...

thanks everyone

A.R. said...

yes ma'am, i will, just for my le boo. <3