5 Days...

Until my birthday and Valentines day. I'm hella juiced and idk why I'm just turning 19 lol. At first I didn't plan on doing anything big but I realized this is my first bday in years that I'll be spending in Cali so it's only right that I do something. After discussing it w/ a few of my friends I decided that on Friday I'll have a dinner and go out afterwards. I wanted to take 19 shots but I was told I'd die from alcohol poison..then I said 9 shots and heard the same thing soooo I'll just take enough to have me feeling myself lol. My bestfriend asked me to be his Valentine and I agreed so hopefully he comes up w/ something creative and this Valentines day is one to remember. In case anyone cares my bday wish list includes
  • Car
  • Money
  • Clothes
  • Gift cards

This was a really crappy update...all the exciting stuff will be talked about next week sometime and thats when I'll read everyones blog and check up on you guys. Have a safe and fun Valentines day everyone.


A.R. said...

my baby's young, lol. i'll be 20 in july, sad times.

Anonymous said...

I nominated you for an award go to my blog to view it.

a t x c h i c k. said...

Aren't you happy for me? I finally blogged. Yadda ya ya ya =]