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A lot of people may disagree w/ me but personally who gives a damn. I support Chris Brown and will continue to support the man. I love his music and regardless of what he has going on his music still jams and he's a very talented young man. I'm not for men beating on women but I do believe if a woman is big and bad enough to hit a man she should get hit back. Never think you can piss someone off..put your hands on them and think you won't get a reaction out of them. It's always two sides to a story and no one but Chris and Rhianna know what truly happened. Chris won't even really get to have his side of the story heard  for the simple fact he's a man who put his hands on a woman and thats what everyone sees. Hopefully his career won't crash and burn behind this incident bc I would hate to replay the same two cd's over and over. Tonight is the season finale of ABDC .. I haven't kept track of this season crews so I'm not all amped about the show tonight. If I don't fall asleep after MTB then I'll probably watch it . Onto other news my little brother is kicking ass in track & field. My boo came in first place and I'm hella happy. Rather it's playing football, baseball, basketball, or track my brother is bound to go pro in something...LOVE YOU JOSH! I went to see my PawPaw in the hospital Sunday. He was hospitalized for complications of breathing and was damn near looking death in its eyes. Thank God he pulled through. He's 89 and still going strong. People people people cigarettes aint no joke. It truly catches up w/ you as you age. I almost lost my Greatgrandma, Grandma, and PawPaw due to cigarettes. Looking at their health issues makes me not want to even look at a pack of cigs lol.  My mommy will the big 3 9 on the 8th. Lord time is flying by pass and everybody is just getting old. Before I end my blog I just gotta ask why must women put all of their energy into a man thats obviously not doing the same. Does love make you that blind? Is the dick really that amazing to where you settle for less than you deserve. 
"Fix your mouth. Fix your face. You might get a Benz" I love me some Jeezy

It's 7:23...Did this he forget I needed to wash


supreme. said...

bookie! whassup? =] that's good about your bro & i'm glad your paw paw is doing better. i feel you on the rih & breezy thing tho, the true situation is never really going to be out so we all just need to get over it.

J M said...

hey your bro and I have the same anme then again, Josh is the most common name now a days, but congrats to him, yeah just because of that one small situation, everyone stops listenin to his music blah blah. they all need to let it go.

://HuneySays said...

Finally someone with sense! LOL
I also support Chris Brezzy.
If a girls woman enough to lay a finger on a man. Then shes woman enough to take one back.

and honestly im kinda annoyed that everyones talking about this incident, and that everyones bad mouthing Chris.

The media doesn't know the full story there just looking at evidence or whatever they know and saying THATS the fact when really theres most likely more to the situation!

anyways girl to answer yur question about love. Love seriously is blind. I feel most woman tend to stay with a guy because they either think thats what they deserve or thats all they can get.

xoxo Huney