hot as hell

Welp through all the delays and crowded buses I finally made it to my destination safely. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN. You try and be cheap and not pay the 800 dollars for an airline ticket but damn all the stuff Greyhound sends you through makes you wanna say eff it let me go SouthWestAirlines.com. Besides the really weird people, hot buses, long delays, and an unorganized company it was a nice little trip lol. This next statement is for all you people that want to take your children, siblings, fam members, or random children on a road trip. KEEP YOUR DAMN CHILDREN UNDER CONTROLE! WIPE THEIR BEHINDS WHEN THEY NEED TO BE CHANGED! Ugh I hate triflen people who aren't considerate of other people. Did I mention I had a bus driver who was texting and talking on his cell while driving the bus. My mama said I should call and file a complaint but wtf I don't want no free bus tickets.

Seeing him made it all worth wild though. So I'm at his moms crib chillin until he gets off work. I was laying downstairs catching up on all the shows i missed ( thanks to ON DEMAND ) and his mom asked me to come upstairs and chill w/ her. Talking to someone on the phone is one thing but once you talk to them in person its a different ball game. She's cool as hell though I can rock w/ her.

Ahhhhh my mom will be coming up here Tuesday for a funeral and won't be leaving till Monday. She just do things and tells me at the last minute. I have a serious headach right now I think I'm about to go back downstairs and finish watching my t.v shows until babe gets off work.


somethingnew said...

lmao@ free bus tickets.

awwww! glad you're happy <3!

adiners said...

thanks hun, about my page. ;]
ugh, the bus sucks major ass.
& i'm glad you're enjoying your time @ your boo's house.

le said...

yes yes yessss nae you know t.mac always makes me happy

thanks...i love beyonce =]

J said...

damn 800 Le Le? seriously you need to come over tot he world of American Airlines the one world alliance. but I'm glad you're off that bus and I'm glad you had fun

adiners said...

your playlist is bomb.