damn 1:02 a.m.

Man I've running around these past few days
Its been hot as hell out here but not as hot as the south
Self reminder NEVER ask my mother to pack me any clothes again lol
Damn I'm tired and my body is sore
Dudes can be mad talaktive and talk your ear off
I need to stop yelling so much when I'm trying to get my point across
Will I get billed for stealing a pillow from a hotel

Those were just a few thoughts running through my head at the moment. I'm sleepy but not yet ready to go to sleep. Guess I'll be nosey and read a few blogs and watch NewYork Goes to Hollywood on ON DEMAND and call it a night.


J said...

I don't think so I've stolen the complimentary soap that they give you. lol

you want me to stop callin you Le Le, Le Le? lol :( I like calling you that

supreme. said...

ugh, i wanted to watch her show but i can't look at her for too long.