Hot Summer Days

boy i need you bad as my heartbeat
bad like the food i eat
bad as the air i breath
baby i want you bad
need you bad i cant take this pain
boy im 'bout to go insane
after listening to this song a few times I had to add it to the ipod.

Today started off bad but turned out better than I thought it would. Thanks for making it better I love you. If I don't go to Toronto at the end of the month I'll be highly upset. Just because I want the front seat doesn't make me a hater...does it? I need to go to the store and buy some paper towels for mi madre.

They make a very interesting yet cute couple and not to mention Nas STILL looks good.


adina renée said...

i was just about to post a blog aboujt nas & kelis, lol.
-added you too

- BEEBZ - said...

i love nas and kelis - im meeting nas on august 2nd ^_^

and im bb btw . how u doin? who r u lol

Marco said...

nas isn't all of that &&&&&&& kelis' mushroom top do is the fool.