money don't grow on trees

So Dark Knight came out yesterday and did I go see it....NO. But thats ok i'm going to go see it later on this week w/ babe. Man airline tickets at the last min aint no joke at all 700 dollars for a round trip ticket though?!?! I was thinking about how babe said I could become a professional bum and that made me think "do some people really fake being homeless to get money, food, etc?". I need to get a job before school starts and school time is right around the corner. Ugh i'm not ready to do the school thing again. At least I won't have to be up at 5:45 every morning so hey maybe there is a plus about school this yr. I told Dre I think my friend got lost and all he did was laugh. I can't get mad though bc he's a guy and he really wouldn't understand. My back hurts and I think thats a sign for me to get up and get off the comp. You need to learn how to put the blunt down and text a little bit faster lol.

you don't stress me at times you test me
but i pass for (you) so i promise i'm not leaving
only a fool would leave or try to deceive
i give my word to, i would die for (you) girl,
i live for (you)said i breathe for (you)
i adore (you)no one but (you)came right on time (you)

the song is currently on repeat on the ipod.

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adina renée said...

i need a job too, bae.
can i add you to my links?