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man last night i got home from austn after attending a funeral. the man lived to be 101yrs old. he was very blessed to be able to see 101 yrs on this earth. the funeral was very nice and boring lol. you had those boring people who talked waaaay over 2mins and then you had the ppl who attempted to sing and all you could do was clap at the end for them for job they tried to accomplish. its sad all the action came AFTER the funeral. now i've been to a few funerals in my day and i've never seen anything like i saw saturday. it was just a big mess family members trying to fight each other, arguements, and every cuss word in the book was said...maybe some new ones were added. i felt like that was soo disrespectful that they couldn't wait to settle their difference at a later time (at least off the site where the funeral was held). that showed they had no respect for the dead and they were very selfish. i bet that man was turning over in his grave (i take that back bc they didn't even put him in the grave yet). anywaaaaaaaaays i was a little shook up at the funeral bc my grandma was crying and as long as i've been on this earth i can't recall a time i've seen my grandma cry. she tried to play it off like she wasnt crying though lol
me:aww stop crying
gma:i'm not crying i cried earlier
me:then why is there a tear in your eye
gma:it must have got stuck there

friday night we had this big talk about me leaving and i'm not gonna lie the way they were talking made me not want to go anymore. i had to sit down and have a one on one with my grandma and explain to her how i really felt since it seemed like i couldn't get it out friday night at the table. sunday before i left she told me she was behind me 100% and it was my life and i know the difference between right and wrong and i know to do the right thing. i feel a lot better leaving now knowing my grandma supports me and has my back.i value her opinion more than anyone else's. i'm gonna miss my grandma when i leave knowing she will be days away driving and 3hrs away flying vs. 2hrs away driving and less than 45min flying =]. my grandma is the best in the whole world through good and bad she's been there for me and always defended me even when i was wrong. i swear when i have grandkids/greatgrandkids i want to be like her. i pray my children get the chance to meet her and expierece the love i recieved from her.

ok so its 8:57 and i decided that i was going to go to the gym and work out today bc god knows i need to get in shape. babe and i are suppose to take a trip to miami in october with his brother and his wife. i be damn if i'm not able to put on a two piece lol. i need to be in good shape w/ everything toned up bc the women in miami be looking nice. i'm not about to go down there and embarrass myself oh nooooooo not today lol. so i figured i'd start this working out thang soon as possible and when i move get in somebodys 24hr fitness and get it together FAST.

everytime i see this pic a smile comes on my face.

i'm about to go get my power hr on in the gym
good day

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