morning thought

And I heard 'em say, nothin's ever promised tomorrow, today
But we'll find a way

do the prettiest people really do the ugliest things? i know i have a bad attitude at times and i need to work on that. if not for me then at least for you.

it has been real pretty outside for the past few days but i've been stuck in the house bc i don't have a key..sucks right. today is one of those days where you just sit by the pool and relax maybe even put your feet in the water.

lately i've been telling myself not to think about things that are going on. my patients SUCK and i HATE waiting though. i feel like if i want something then i should get it right?

yesterday i made mash patatoes for the first time and i must admit they came out mighty good =]. the only bad part was that i cut my finger trying to cut the patatoes lol. awww miah came outside and we talked for a few mins. i'm gonna miss her and her random sayings. i'm happy she's finally getting a boyfriend even though she claims they're not together. he's not the cutest i've seen BUT if she likes him then i guess he is cute. now that i think about it that heffa faked on me at the last min when we were suppose to go get waxed! when she saw my legs and arms yesterday i think she freaked out bc i ALWAYS shave and she wasnt use to seeing my legs/arms get like that but being in the house ALL day EVERYDAY makes you feel lazy and not want to do anything.

hmmm i've been craving papa johns for like the past two days and hopefully a delivery man will come bring me a large pepperoni pizza this afternoon. i swear im gonna go on a diet like real soon bc being big is not the new black (sorry).

i'm excited to go fall/winter shopping. i'm over the summer already seeing that i havent been to any theme parks, water parks, or any beaches. this summer feels kinda crappy. i havent had a really bomb summer since 06. that was a summer to remember lol. maaan pacific beach in san fransico is really pretty. just laying on the sand looking at the pacific ocean or letting the water splash on you is just refreshing. i think thats what i need something refreshing.

hmmm ok i'm done writing for now seeing that breakfast is read. eggs, rice, and chapel hill sausage <3.

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adina renée said...

the song on your page is greattt. <3