saturday morning

WSU finally got my transcript and test scores and all I can say is about time! So my mother came up w/ an idea for my aunt and I to get an apartment together if housing is full. My response is simple naaaaaah lol. Where there's a will there's a way and everything will work out in my favor (hopefully).

Oh wow last night I was laying at the pool doing some thinking. This couple was in the pool and it looked like the guy was teaching his girl how to swim (boy was I wrong). They were in the pool having s e x. She was making all kind of weird noises I thought he was trying to kill her lol. I could never do it in the pool i don't think my juice box would feel right (lol Adina you got me saying that).

So my mom has a friend who honestly isn't all there in the head. The other day she asked for my number and I thought nothing of it and gave it to her. Reason being since I'm moving a lot of people have been asking for my contact info and want to stay in touch. Well yesterday she texted me a couple of times but I didn't know it was her I thought it was someone else. She came over yesterday and asked why I stopped texting her and I sat there looking dumb bc I didn't know it was her until then. Fast forward last night some random number called me back to back at like 1 something in the morning. When I didn't answer those calls another random number started calling. Idk if it was her or not but I'm not putting it past her. Babe said I need to stop being so friendly and giving out my number. I think I'm gonna take his advice on that. Whoever it was pissed me off bc I couldn't go back to sleep till like 3 something and that was NOT cool.

My stomach is hurting and I feel like I wanna throw up. Ugh I hate feeling like this. So one of the homies is talking about going to workout today or going swimming and it doesn't seem like a bad idea. I just hope I can get off my bottom and go do it lol. Yesterday I thought my debit card came in the mail but it was just a summary of my account. I still don't know where I could have lost my card at smh.


somethingnew said...

wow@ at this having sex in a pool.
i've always wanted to try that.
not in public though, geesh!

adiners said...

juice box, ugh.
& that is not even cute about them having sex in the pool/public.

- fattie delux.* said...

thanks hunibun ♥

* and yeah, i had fun.

- keep in touch.

J said...

sex in the pool is definitely not cool. what is with this juice box thing, my friends have been saying that lol.

unknown person, private caller ahhhhh, I don't know what to say about that one I would've been mad too man. but yeah I have t-mobile my phone just all of sudden started acting weird, buttons will press by itself and what not lol

le said...

lol why you think i call you nae nasty lol

i felt weird swimming in that pool today lol

tmobile's phones are always effin up

J said...

washington state? WSU?

Anonymous said...

3 times thoo? that sucks.
that's my first time getting it pierced.

le said...

nah wayne state