I have a lot of stuff on my mind right now. My dog is snoring something crucial and I think she has breathing problems or something. TX is being hit by hurricane Dolly (where do they come up w/ these names anyway). We've been getting all kinda rain. I'm so ready to leave Houston but playing this waiting game is getting annoying. Waiting and waiting and waiting is the last thing I want to do w/ my time. When it seems like everything is going good a speed bump slows down my ride. Things need to get in order soon.

I need a vacation like right now. Not tomorrow or next week or even the week after that RIGHT NOW. So not fair that this nigga is going on vacation (yes YOU) and I'm not. I need to get away and clear my head. Even if I was out of town and chilled in a hotel that would be good enough for me. Lately I've just been mad lazy and doing nothing. I can't wait till this school thing pops off so I'll have something to keep me active and on my toes. The other day one of my homeboys was telling me all these diff things he had to go through when he was pledging Omega and then his line got dropped. I would have been sooooooooooo mad if I went through all that and my line got dropped lol.

So his trip to Caribana has me a little aggravated. I don't feel I'm being unfair or not understanding by asking him not to go. I mean damn nigga you go EVERY YEAR you can't miss ONE year. Whitney this is all your fault bc we should have planned this trip months ago jk (wait no i'm not lol). If he goes which I know he is I'm gonna be beyond heated. When men have their mind set on doing something it seems like pulling teeth to try and get them not to do it. Am I really not being understanding about this whole situation? I mean I do have my reasons for not wanting him to go it's not like I just woke up one morning and was like "welp guess I'll stop this nigga from going out". I wish he could see where I'm coming from and make some kind of compromise. hopefully everything for Sunday works out though.

Anyways so my friend Whit and I were having a convo about her job (she's a 911 operator) and I thought this was funny as hell bc I was this kid yrs ago.
Whit: did I tell you about the lil kid who called in there
Whit: and I'm like "Where's Mommy"
Whit: This nigga say!
Whit WTF?!
Le: lmaoooo


adiners said...

lmao @ that bad ass kid playing with 911.

Afro Asian said...

awww be safe down there. hopefully its nothing like katrina. but they name hurricane in abc order... going down the list.. sometimes its girls names and sometimes boys. and blah omega ... they dogs.. lol all that damn barking

le said...

lol kids are getting terrible

thank you
annnnd omega's are true freaks!

adiners said...

lol, i just make headers & theni wanna put them up.
& lmao @ juice box.

J said...

haha 911 up your ass. but hey I mean yeah he goes every year why not miss one year but hey if you need a vacation come to miami. shame on me, because I need one, and a vacation spot is right across the bridge.. but yeah what arielle said hopefully its not like katrina, ughhh I'm from New Orleans and everything so everytime I see a hurricane in the gulf I start trippin but yeah.. wait just wait you'll go on one soon enough le le.. lol

le said...

lol if i really start referring to my *cough* as a juice box from now on i'm gonna be upset at myself

the hurricane wasn't that bad..so i think.. yea your right my vacation will come sooner than i think..MIA sounds mighty nice right now

J said...

yeah you will but then again Miami is so generic when it comes to vacation spots everytime I go to south beach all I see are tourists all the time, then again that place has a lot of crazy people

Marco said...

if he GOES Le, HE GOES. i know how you feel, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks. don't be heated... be happy. lol.

*& as far as that little boy. JESUS himself, would have to come tap me on my shoulder - to refrain from saying everything but Praise him in the name of the Powerful 3. Shoot.

Bad ass kids ! Le. Let me find out that's how my future nieces & nephs. are gonna act.


le said...

lmaoo even early in the morning you can make me laugh

good advice though