where is Lauryn when you need her?

Last night I was on YouTube and found some vids of ms Lauryn Hill. Man I love her voice its so soulful. I think the game needs her to drop another album. I hate to see people w/ so much talent let it go to waist. I fell in love w. "I just want you around" it kinda brought a tear to my eye. Her vocals can do that to you lol. Ohhh yea I made a new playlist of basically a few male r&b groups that I love (and NO B2k is not on the playlist Doyle lol). I'll probally write later on tonight.

"I Just Want You Around"


adina renée said...

ugh, i adore lauryn's voice.

Doyle said...


U know u wanna post some omarion poplockin and shit.

J said...

yeah where the hell has she been?