knowing is beautiful

I'm so tired right now idk how I have the energy to write this blog. Before I go on I just wanna say knowing IS beautiful. I got tested today for HIV and STD and my results came back NEGATIVE for HIV. I'll find out in a wk my results for STDs. Kudos to my school for doing free testing! If you have yet to be tested then you need to make it happen ASAP!!! Ok moving on...maaan today was my first exam of the semester and booy did I do horrible. Stuff that I thought was gonna be on the test was NOT on the test and the test was IDing and an essay..can we say FAIL! This has taught me to study before I take tests.  My eyes are soo heavy right now I'mma fall asleep just like this.


supreme. said...

yeah, knowing is beautiful.
i got tested for all that shit this summer, negative results.
-pop locks
i hate studying man, i just wish i could remember everything that was discussed in class and maraculousely(sp?) get an A.

le said...

maaaan you not the only one

em said...

I am glad you did that, le. Knowing is so much better. And a negative result is the best gift in the world.

I hate to study too, but it needs to be done.

le said...

that was my first time getting tested...i feel so good lol

J M said...

yeah thats great. They need a testing center in every part of Miami!!!!!!! well this producer on south beach slept with these two girls not telling them he had HIV. and the girls in my dorm I could go on about. but hey le le just do some extra studying just in case. Teachers always just randomly put questions on an exam you expected not to be! but you know next time.

le said...

wooow @ old buddy

that should be attempted murder!