Obama for Mankind

Yesterday Obama and Biden was in Detroit and I just had to go (not only to see Obama but I have to do 4hrs of politicial activism for American Gov). So many people came out to show their support for Obama and Biden. I've never seen so many different races and age groups in one place for such a positive cause. Since its my first time being able to vote I wanted to be active in whats going on. I don't wanna vote for Obama just bc he's the first black presidential candidate. I wanna vote for him bc I believe he is the best man for the job.*SIDE NOTE* I honestly can't see myself voting for Mccain for the simple fact if he was to the die tomorrow Palin could be the next president and God knows that woman is NOT and I repeat NOT ready for that position she isn't even ready for the VP position. Anywhoooo right when Obama got up to speak my friend passed out from being dehydrated. The medical team at the event was HORRIBLE their timing was very slow and once my friend got a little life in here they just pushed her away like she didn't just pass the hell out. All in all I had a good time and enjoyed myself. I heard Bidens speech and got to hear a little bit of Obama plus I got some really good pics so I'm good. Oh shucks I almost forgot..I saw Common after the Obama speech just walking across the street like he wasn't a celebrity. For a minute I got star struck bc Common is one fine man.

Awwww my mom came in town Thursday (she leaves tomorrow). She took me shopping for clothes and food on Saturday. Shoutouts to mom dukes for contributing to the "Struggling College Student Foundation". I have all kinda snacks and juices in my room now bc I can't afford to be eating out everyday. Welp I need to go get my stepshow tickets since theres only a limited number of seats (what kinda bs is that?!?!?)


supreme. said...

i can't wait until we have our stepshow.
i live for that shit.

Mr.Mambia said...

Good shit, I remember when Obama came to my campus for a speech, this was before the whole President talk,when he just got into Senate,great speaker.

And yeah,Common is that dude, real cool and humble.

le said...

our yardshow was wack..hopefully homecoming is on point

le said...

he sounds like martin luther king
annnnd sexy

Beezy said...

ahh common.love him

step show?? clark's homecoming is this week..

i'm jealous you got snacks.

AND i haven't been to an OBAMA speedh yet.. only to a few rally's ugh.

oh, & i heard chelsea clinton speak.. i was SO gonna vote for HILLARY at first.

Lizzy said...

Oh.. the back of Common's head

-drools with envy


Mars said...

My Common pictures beat yours!
I got the front of the face!
All up in his grill!
Hand touching!

^that's all the jealousy coming out.
I didn't get to see Obama when he came to mi escuela =/

le said...

even brit i dont care bc i'm mad i didnt go to clark!

isnt the back of his head sexy lol

so what if you saw the front of common face..i saw him walk across the street

Mars said...

I got to see him walk across the stage multiple times.

I win.