starting over

Lol @ this pic I found on someone myspace from my senior year. Originally I wasn't going to update but I have nothing else to do and I want to blog about a few things .  Hmm where do I start???? Well my roommate and I had a minor disagreement on something  and last wk she went to the RA's and resident director about the problem and decided she wanted to get a new roommate. Well today the RD got my roommate and I together w/ another girl and introduced this girl and I as new roommates. She doesn't seem like a bad person the only thing is I've never lived w/ another race before so this should be interesting. Seeing that her and her  roommate were having the same problem me and my roommate were having the RD decided to put the ppl that felt the same way together. When my old/new roommate can agree on the same moving time then they'll be able to switch rooms. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. Maan today was super cold and windy. It felt like Texas during the winter. If its cold like this now idk what imma do come winter time. You would think when people get to college they would gain some kind of maturity. If you're gonna have problems w/ someone plz let it be for a legit reason. HS actions should have been left in hs when you walked across that stage.  At 6 the gang and I are going to play laser tag..wait let me take that back FREE lazor tag lol.


miss feedmekicks* said...

i hope that you and this new roomate get along good, i mean..it would suck if you didnt.

le said...

thanks hun..i got to really talk to her today and i like her a lot better than my current one

supreme. said...

i hated my roommates last year & i wished i could have switched.
i love laser tag.

le said...

roommates? hell nah

we didn't even go =[