rainy days

"Said I won't be with you unofficially anymore. And I can't make you choose long as you're cool on knowing you're bout to blow a good thing. And I ain't making ultimatums I'm'a tell you this verbatim."

I hate rainy days like today. It washes away any plans you've had for the day. Everytime I look out the window it looks like the rain is just coming down harder than before. Soo my cousin texted me and told me the roof and fence at her moms house blew away and the power is out. I've been calling my mom a lot this morning but I've failed to reach her BUT she's managed to text me and tell me sarcastically "thanks for being concern about your fam while we are in a hurricane". I never really believed a mother could literally feel when somethings not going good w/ their child until yesterday. Me and my mom don't really talk about personal issues so when she asked me yesterday was everything ok w/ me it shocked me. Of course I told her everything was ok b/c I don't want her to be worried esp w/ the hurricane and stuff. Even though I said I was good we both knew I was lying lol. Even if you and your parents aren't close there is still that bond there. I'm a tad bit homesick but its nothing major. Its just weird not seeing my fam everyday like I'm use to. Being states away doesn't make it any better lol. I kinda like being on my own esp going through the things I'm going through right now. It makes me appreciate a lot of things and its giving me a different outlook on life. I feel like my maturity is going to a different level. Anywhoo I need to go buy me some washing powder and do my laundry bc I'm long overdue.

with a little bit of faith you can go a long way....

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supreme. said...

wow, that's really something that your mom sensed something was bothering you.
my mom's like that too, but i tell her everything.