sunday morning

Aww hell I think I got a stye in my right eye bc its hurting like hell and it  hurts to close it =[. I just finished my American Government project and I'm happy I finished it early instead of trying to rush and do it later tonight. I have my first exam in that class tomorrow and it's open book/notes...sooo I need to go find someones book so I can write down all the stuff I'll need to know. Tonight I'm doing to roommate swap thing and for some reason I'm excited lol. Chels is really cool or at least comes off that way annnnd she has a TV lol. I agreed to help her move tonight hopefully it doesn't take all night. My father is suppose to come down to the D w/ his girlfriend and my little sister tonight and according to him he'll be stopping by to see me. Honestly if he doesn't have any money to contribute to my college fund then I don't really care to see him..a phone call is enough for me at this moment (is that a little effed up???).  I can't wait till this weekend. Not only is it homecoming but my Fats is coming down and God knows I need a smile right now. Hopefully the Iotas decided to step at the stepshow bc they killed it at the yardshow. I need to go find a blow dryer grrrrrr. Good day.


Lizzy said...

Eeek @ your stye.

I hope it gets better.

Good luck on your exam tomorrow, I'm sure you will do great though ;]

-give you my blow dryer

supreme. said...

=[ @ that stye
i hope you feel better

le said...

thaaaank you you guys =]

Lorenzo. said...

hahahhahaha @ that stye
I knew you were infected!

Joooooookes. Hope you get better boo

le said...

and this why we are not bff anymore

somethingnew said...

omg..i just came from somebody elses page and Love Lockdown was playing.

hate this song.

J M said...

rough relationship with pops thats tough babe. But yeah get those projects done and out the way so you don't have to be bothered with that you know.

le said...

you sound crazy. that song jams!