back in black

I'm finally back in the H after what seemed to be the longest ride in history. I got home at 5:55 a.m. and I haven't laid in a bed since Monday morning. A lot has been going on in the past few days idk where to start. Saturday night I went to the ER bc my left tonsil was all types of swollen. It hurt for me to swallow, open my mouth, and even talk come to find out I had tonsillitis. I'm good now the doctor gave me pills that I have to take every 6hrs for 10 days plus I got a pop cycle =].

I FINALLY got my acceptance letter (no excuse me acceptance email) from WSU so within two weeks I'll be back in the midwest. School starts Sep 2 and for some reason i'm kinda ready to go back to school . Today mi madre reminded me that my refund check from SHSU didn't come. Come to find out housing didn't send me my 190.00 bc i'm still enrolled at the school. After attitudes and long phone waits I finally got through and was told to drop my classes, sign this withdrawal paper, and fax it over to them. I can't do anything till Monday though bc their system isn't working WTF?!? I owe WSU 150.00 and thats coming from my refund check soooo SHSU needs to get it together soon. Man I didn't realize out of state fees were gonna kick me in my butt. I don't wanna take out loans and be 54 still paying on them lol.

I haven't had any real sleep since Monday night. I thought I was gonna come home and lay it down but the school thing took longer than i expected and I still haven't finished everything I needed to do. My body is tired and sore after running around today. I had to go to my moms P O box, make a deposit for her, go back to the bus station and go get my bag (these niggas left my bag in Birmingham, AL and sent it on a bus that came 9hrs after my bus. Thank God I got my bag though), pick up Honey, stop at Walmart, and finally got honey some food from Petco. Oh yeaaaaa I stopped by Stacy's house today bc I missed my exit for the station and ended up by her house. I haven't seen my cousin since Feb so it was cool seeing her.

For some reason when I hear I Put On and hear Jeezy voice I get real excited lol. Well Its time for me to be nosey and read a few blogs.


supreme. said...

i know all about loans & not wanting to have them, lol.

somethingnew said...

im like the only one who cant stand that song.

le said...

loans are the devil lol

thats bc you're weird nae

J M said...

Ahhhh they left your bag, man everytime i go out of town the airline for gets my bag and it takes 2-3 days it sucks.

But hey congrats on being accepted at wsu le le, yeah i feel you on that refund check madness. mine comes next week.

Marco said...

my leeee is growing up. and leaving me and we haven't even hung out.

fuck you.

lol. glad you're on your shit that sis.


le said...

thanks..i need my money ASAP

marcus that is YOUR fault..always in the H and never call me