10:42 p.m.

Single-New Kids On The Block/Neyo is a MUST download. I'm so in love w/ that song.

I'm tired and idk why bc I didn't do anything today. Lord it was raining hard today and I got soaked after going to Walgreens and Sonic. Imma miss sonic more than anything I swear their burgers are the besssssst. Tomorrow I have to pay this lady so I can get my plane ticket for Wednesday. Thank God for my mother knowing people bc I'd rather pay 150 for a buddy pass than to pay damn near 4 something. I STILL haven't packed and I must say I'm tired of saying that in damn near every entry. I should have done this a long time ago instead of waiting till the last minute. I have no choice but to do it tomorrow. I'm upset that my mom won't give me her laptop for school. She claims she's gonna buy me one but if it was me I'd give away my laptop and just get me a brand new one. I guess thats her way of saying it won't be anytime soon. Guess I'll just have to budget a laptop somewhere in my finances lol. Aww my brother comes home from Oakland on Wednesday hopefully I get to see him before I leave. It's time to go count sheep

I feel so fat for taken these pics


Mr.Mambia said...

Fat than a mug!

Anonymous said...

What does the price matter to you? You ain't got no money, so I know you ain't buying the plane ticket. EARLY!

le said...

kiss my big toe wimpiea

so you wanna be funny?

Mars said...

If you say the one I get then I'm going to be like...
Your ultimate Sonic buddy.
I have two in each direction within a one mile radius.

le said...

its a strawberry limeaid slush =]

i haven't had cranberry strawberry slush in forever

there isn't one in Michigan

supreme. said...

sonic = love.

Mars said...

I know.
I stayed in Michigan for an entire summer with my dad.
I missed Sonic the entire time.

le said...

they have a jamba juice either!