him: wanna go see Plies and Neyo?
me: *gets excited* yea.
me:*goes and plays Neyo songs*
him: its tonight... *laughs*

The most unfunniest joke ever! I'm going to go get in my bed and count sheep. My eyes are heavy.

only a few days left <3


J M said...

awwwww Le Le is in love =]

goodluck with school babe, I hope the first year is a great one

le said...

here you go w/ that mushie crap

thanks though..i hope so too bc if not imma be pissssssed

J M said...

ahhhhh hush negro embrace you sprungness..

you'll have a good first year. My first year was awesome. I partied evyer weekend and still got my work done. lol

J M said...

oooooooo I just recognized breaticalssssssss =] LMAO I'm a dork I know.

le said...

i've heard some not so good stories about first years though

i be damn if i live off oodles and noodles

what school you go to?

your such an effin loser for that lol

Mars said...

I thought I was the only one.
Now I don't feel so bad.

Lizzy said...

Lol, oh boy.

Mars said...

Le Le, you forgot your bling bling.

Mannnnnnn, I wanna watch Hot Chick now.


supreme. said...

awwww. ;]