in a nut shell.

My day in a nut shell
  • Picked my lil brother up from the airport.
  • Went to the bank.
  • Met the lady from SWA and got my ticket (2 one way tickets for 150.00 not bad at all)...my plane leaves at 6:00 and will get there at 10:50 (babe DON'T BE LATE!).
  • Spent damn near 3 hrs on packing but 3 suitcases and 2 duffle bags later I was good.
  • My mom made 7 layer dip for me. it was soooo good.
So tonight my brother and I went for a walk and I basically decided to have a very long overdue convo w/ him. I told him how much I loved him and how I was sorry for being so mean to him growing up. I can't believe I was really crying lol. More than anything I'm gonna miss my brother. Yeaaa our relationship wasn't the best while I was living here but it's never to late to make it work. I love my lil brother more than anything and will seriously break someones neck behind him. So I had to let him know I thank God for giving him to me as my brother. He better call me everyday and esp on Monday to let me know how his first day of school went.

Welll I need to go get in my bed and enjoy it since I won't be seeing it till Thanksgiving/Christmas *sad face*. I'll probally blog tomorrow before I leave.


Lizzy said...

7 layer dip? Hm, never heard of that before. What is it exactly?

Aw, that's wonderful that you appreciate the relationship that you do share with your brother. Cherish it!

Get some rest.

le said...

ummm its beef, refried beans, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, and i'm missing something else lol

you have to bc now a days you never know when you'll see them again =]

i had good rest until someone rudely called me at 8 a.m.

J M said...

hey Le Le don't be sad =[ you should be happy, but I feel you, ,my parents actually went to my school to set up my dorm and everything, it didn't hit that they were gone until later that day. I was down about it for about a solid month.

like now I kinda am I haven't heard from my parents in about a month and a half, they don't know what email is ughhhhh

Mr.Mambia said...

Call every day though? damn

Mars said...


And yes, nappyheaded rican is amusing.
He's amusing and an ass at the same time.

le said...

damn a whole month a half?! if i don't call at least once a day my grandma and mom freak out

yes wimpiea EVERYDAY..got a problem?

lol nappy headed rican sounds funny

stacey. said...

Awwww you're going off to college!

Be safe love.

7 layer dip is good but Spinach and Artichoke dip is the absolute best. Ab-so-lute. I'm hungry just thinking about it.

J M said...

they have a lot of nappy headed puerto ricans in new orleans lol

J M said...

damn yeah I agree with mambia, everyday is a bit much, my parents are OC whenever something bad down here happens, they blow up my phone. like the little mini blackout we had down here 6 months ago.

my parents were OC man. "are you allright we heard there was a blakcout, you know what happened in NY with that black right right?"

I'm like mom pop, I'm finneee relllaxxxxxxxxx

le said...

thank you...i've never tried i need to bc it sounds good

lmaoo @ your parents..he needs to check in everyday..since i can't see him when he gets home he needs to call and let me know he's ok

the hell happen in NY?

J M said...

there was a blackout in NY like 4 years ago.

supreme. said...

yes love.
it comes on tuesday night at nine.

supreme. said...

-hands you a plate

Brooke. ♍ said...

be safe my love.

J M said...

hey Le Le I hope school is going good, and hI hope everything is going great with the boyfriend, be safe hun.