Today just started off wrong. My cell phone broke hella early this morning and now I'm phone less. R.I.P Bernie Mac he was truly a funny man. I got some around to do today idk where to start first. Gas is expensive now a days geez. Hopefully I get my mom friends old phone so it can last me until I buy myself a new one. Well I'm about to finish eating my 5 dollar foot long from yesterday and then go get dress so I can start moving around.



supreme. said...

word, that shit is so sad.
he was only 50.

le said...

i know thats really sad

J M said...

I know it sounds weird but he was kinda "young" to die at his age, but yeah all we can do it pray about 2012.

somethingnew said...

that REALLY brings a tear to my eye.

Bernie Mac show was my show.