Don't Mess With TEXAS

So I have 5 days before I leave Houston to go to school =[. Today I decided to make new play list and I decided to make it nothing but TX music. A lot of it is old but there's a few recent songs thrown in there. A lot of people think Houston music is dumb but ahh oh well I love it. Most of these songs brings back a lot of memories so until I get over being home sick (which probably won't be long) it will be up. I'll probably be back on tonight and blab about something.

Happy birthday bay baaaay your getting so grown on me. Yes we fight and argue, dissaagree to agree but in the end your still my fam and I love you (no mushy stuff intended lol)


J M said...

yeah I'm familiar with a few houston artists. but yeah leaving for school, you ready yet?

but happy birthday to the fam.

supreme. said...

i fucks with some tx music, so that playlist is ok with me.