Whats Beef?

I really wish Trae and Mike Jones could have picked a diff setting than the Ozone Awards to handle their "beef". I'm just curious to find out how this whole thing will end. If I had to put money on it, I'd put money on Trae.

So I found out my move in date is the 27. I hope to God my roommate isn't no some sloppy pig. I would hate to be fighting w/ some braud that I have to live w/ for an entire yr. Even though I'll have a room I'll be at babes house a lot eating up all his food and watching ON DEMAND (so keep that fridge stacked).

Yesterday I found out my dads house in Detroit got broken into and his car got stolen. So now he's in Indiana trying to get things back on track. Makes me feel a little bit bad about going bad on his voicemail.

I'm hungry I want some Wingstop or Subway right about now.


somethingnew said...

i aint playin wit him dawg.

black people always showin out.

J M said...

basically I migt be homeless for 3 days, we're moving in to a brand new building, but they need 2-3 days to move the furniture so we need a place to crash for 3 days, I can't afford it, and most of my friends down here stay in dorms as well so ehh..

J M said...

damn mike jones looks like a gorilla lol