venting maybe....

Before I write this blog if there are any readers that get offended easily then just exit now. I would hate to step on any toes or cause anybody panties/boxers to get all in a bunch.

Before I get into whats on my mind I wanna say thanks to Hayze and her sis for Saturday night. We had helllllla fun from driving on Maine St. to acting a fool in NEXT to taking it to the Shell. I needed that outing. Too bad my cousins couldn't make it -sad face-. Imma miss nights downtown but I'll get it back jumping during Thanksgiving break.

Now this may have a little length to it I'm not sure yet and it may not make sense bc I'm just typing my thoughts. Well lately I've been noticing the behavior of people and their actions. Females will do whatever it takes to get attention and to make people feel sorry for them. No matter if its lying, making other people look bad, making their self look bad, or hurting the people thats close to them. Women can be very bitter after relationships end and esp if they end on bad terms. Sometimes the bad terms are caused by their actions and their maturity level. I never understood why females attempt to make the mans life hell and put their life on hold to attempt to ruin the next persons. I mean honestly in this life there are gonna be a lot of different situations and relationships (rather its friend wise or boyfriend wise) that will either benefit us in a positive manner or hurt us . You gotta suck it up and take it as a lesson learn bc in the end there will be a lesson for you to learn. You can't sit around and do things thats gonna cause you to step out of your character. Complaining, being sore, and having your face all screwed up isn't going to help your situation. While you sitting around complaining and being bitter they've moved on, enjoying their life, and probably not even thinking about you. Ladies by acting a damn fool and making people look at you like your some psychotic human being isn't gonna bring him back. Don't go around blabbing about how he aint this and he aint that and how you don't give a damn about him when its obvious you do care bc your acting an ass. It seems like the four letter word (love) will cause people to act in ways they never thought they would.
S E X can be a dangerous thing if you don't do it correctly. I don't understand how people can sleep around w/ multiple partners and NOT strap up. I mean damn condoms are FREE at clinics if you can drive to Bonequiesha house why can't you drive and go pick you up some condoms. Why even play with your life and your partners life like that. Now I know there are females out here who like to sleep around with a lot of different men and give it up quicker than drive through service at Mc.Donalds. My thing is you sleeping with allllll these different men and what are you getting out of it? I mean you giving him all your goods and he can't even take you to get something to eat or let alone be seen w/ you in public?!? Hearing a girl say she had sex for a double cheese burger w/ bacon kinda pissed me bc its like you don't feel you're worth more than a dollar menu item. Its women out here getting big money and going on trips around the country eating at nice restaurants and all you get is a cheeseburger?!? I'm not saying sell your vagina lol. If you decide to have sex please practice SAFE SEX. Life is so much more important than 20mins of pleasure. PAUSE sleeping w/ friends is NOT WUSSUP. Lol idk why females think its cute to sleep w/ a guy and then back door and sleep w/ his boy like they strangers or something. If you comfortable knowing them niggas talking about you (bc them niggas are talking about you) then I mean hey do you. Just don't be upset when niggas call you a ho.

If you felt like those were shots thrown at you then OH WELL take the bullet and keep it moving. Thats what was going through my mind and I had to get it out lol. At 12:00 My cousin is turning 19!!! HAPPY EARLY BDAY STACY! I love you boo boo. Well I think I've written enough time to go take Honey for a walk.


Mr.Mambia said...

Nice post, even though I never had a break up that ended up bad for someone to act a certain way, I know people who have and alot of times is the female who is acting out of order.At the same time, I've known a few guys to act the same way.I could never see my self acting a certain way because of another person,say your good bys and keep it moving. I'm super nonchalant anyways, so I tend to really not care about alot of shit as it is.

And yeah, sleeping with hella people is never a good look, male or female, it looks bad and can really show your character to others, so say yes to condoms and no to One Night Stands,Holla!

le said...

lol @ yes to condoms & no to one night stands

chunk chunk your so cute

supreme. said...

omg, you are soooo right.
get a condom, shit.
it's not that serious.
i hate when girls think sleepin' with two dudes that are friends is cute. did you really think them niggas wouldn't talk about?

le said...

smh females be out here wilding

J M said...

damn they have hot boxes like that in H lol just kidding but man thats dumb.

le said...

lol @ hotbox

J M said...
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le said...

all i can say is damn