M I A maybe?

Yes I'm alive lol. I haven't updated this in foreverrrrrrr. Theres been so much going on good and bad. I wouldn't have enough space to write it all. All I can say is sometimes to get to Heaven you gotta go through what seems like Hell. Woooo Tuesday is the first day of school. I only have one class that day so I won't have too much going on. Hopefully next wk I'll update this foreal and check up on ya'll <3.


supreme. said...

i'm glad everything is going well, hun. ;]

Mr.Mambia said...

Dizzamn,been gone forever bew,but glad you doing good and shit.

J M said...

thats good! hey school is more important

le said...

thanks dina

my chi thang i need to hit you on y!

dude i JUST started school today =/

Mars said...

BETTER check up on me.
Oh, and I'm like master spell check

I think you spelled clarinet correctly.

le said...

ever since i lost the spelling bee in 2nd grade..my spelling just went down hill