lets kiss like gene simmons.

08-14-08 made 5 months. Babe I love you more than you'll ever know. You are seriously my best friend and my lover all in one lol. I don't know anyone who puts up w/ my ish like you do. No matter how mad I am when I see that dimple my whole mood changes lol. You know no matter what happens I got your back and I'll always be here for you. I looooooooooooooooooove you.

Wooo so today is Friday and I STILL haven't packed one single thing. Stacy said that I need to go pack and don't wait till the last minute but it looks like I already have. Aww yesterday me and mi madre went to Austin to take my grandma grocery shopping. I'm gonna miss my caca and mawmaw (thats what I call my grandma and greatgrandma). Today I'm going to Kesha's and see them before I leave. Forris said they scrapped up some change for me HOLLERRRRR! Ugh I need to make my way to someones shop tomorrow bc I'm looking like who dun it and why. NEXT tomorrow night? Maybe if these niggas can get it together (YES Whit that includes YOU!).


supreme. said...

congrats on your relationship, hun.

Lizzy said...

I've peeped your blog a few times, you seem like such a cool gal. I think if we live close .. you could be like my bestfriend. Lol, I know that's probably the weirdest & randomest thing you have ever heard.
-hides face

But yeah, we have the same anniversary? How freaking cool is that! Your babe sounds wonderful, it's hard to find a guy that can be a great boyfriend and a bestfriend. Hang onto this one ;]

I hope you take some time out & get that packin done missy! Don't procrastinate any longer!

le said...

thanks boo

le said...

lol would it be weird if i said the same thing about you lol

yea he's the best one i've came across..he's a really good catch

i leave sunday so i have no choice but to pack today

Lizzy said...

lol, that would be beyond weird.

where are you going?

J M said...

aye congrats on your relationship my screwston homeskillet.

lets hope it keeps going well.

le said...

lol wayne state in detroit =/


J M said...


my nephew calls his grandma caca

le said...

i don't feel special now