red bull gives you wings

I need a red bull or something to keep me awake bc as of now I have NO energy what so ever. I didn't do anything I was suppose to do today besides get my hair and eyebrows done. Clothes still scattered everywhere and I still have a BUNCH of laundry to do. I'm so tired I just wanna go lay in my bed. I've had Ditto by Cassie on repeat for a good hr now. If you don't have it download it. Listening to this drunk ass nigga in my ear is pissing me off right now. I hate dealing w/ drunk ppl sometimes I just get real irritated...like now. I need to get it together not now but right now.

I love this pic


J M said...

that pic ids OC but I love it.

if I could do a painting like that it'd be all your LE LE

J M said...

typos out the ass ^

Hayze. said...

omggg, that picture is gonna give me like um, nightmares. scurrrry. awww boo u seem like ur going though stress. im here for u pal. imma miss u hoe.

le said...

awwww i want a portrait of love <3

hayze i'm gonna miss you too boo