Today ends the first week of school. My schedule isn't that bad seeing that I only have one class each day except for Wed and I only have 2 classes that day. My earliest class is at 10:40 and I'm done each day no later than 3:00 so I'm good. Oh yea I have an online class that basically teaches you how to work w/ comps lol. Since I'm sitting here killing time till class starts I decided to make a new playlist. I hope the head lady over at finacial aid emails me some good news bc God knows I'm getting tired of hearing stuff that can't help me right now. My mom keeps texting me and telling me stay optimistic about everything and keep my faith no matter what the situation looks like. It's really easier said than done. *yawns* I don't wanna go to class it's from 10:45-1:25. My attention spam is very short so if this lady can't keep my attention then i'm screwed lol .


Marco said...

not attention (spam). lmao.

buttttttttt. yea i'm with moms.

even though financial aid has been pissing me off since BEFORE school started.

psht. you think you crunk you're growing up.

awwww. & your playlist SUCKS. (jkjk). :D

-big bro.

Lizzy said...

Wow, that's not a bad schedule at all.

Eek @ online class.
I took one of those 2 summers ago, it was such a pain in the neck. I hope you stick with it! What am I talking about? You're stacey.. why wouldn't you? You're a smart little cookie!

le said...

marcus you suck but i still love you!

i hope i stick w/ it too