god is good

All I can say right now is God can turn your situation around in a blink of an eye. When it looks like there's nothing positive coming out of your situation he makes a way out of no way.

Wooo so today I got my key so now I can FINALLY move into my room. I feel bad for not going to class today bc I thought I was gonna withdraw from school since all my loans got denied and I still have a balance of 3400. Hmm today was interesting as hell. I had a group of Sigmas gang up on me bc I said they were wack, Flip & D.Brooks decided they were gonna make me their new bestfriend, and I got into it w/ a janitor bc he was trynna rush me out the bathroom bc he was the only one working lol (it's not my fault YOUR co-workers didn't come to work).

Anywhooo I just felt like spreading my good news bc I'm beyond happy right now lol. I'll post later w/ some pics.


Marco said...

aw. yay.

little sis.. doing big things.

i'm going to punch your ass for interrupting my american history - quaker legacy discussion.

i thought it was important much cus you never call .


congrats on the whole getting your key thing.

andddd about that janitor. you should have told him to post a help wanted sign while he was waiting.

loveee you much.


Mars said...

Get cho edumication gurrll

le said...

lmaooo marcus i'm done!
i thought i was calling mesha..i didn't know i was calling you WHOOPS!

education* =]

Mr.Mambia said...

Thats good to hear,glad everything worked out,because you was worried as hell.

Mars said...


le said...

man and still am

lol get my EDUCATION* on girl* lol